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School Management Software

School Management Software Presentation from Admin Kumar

The school management software can handle all the details about a Student. The details include School/Schools details, Course details, Students personal details, teachers details etc. It tracks all the details of a student from the day one to the end of his course which can be used for all reporting purpose, tracking of attendance, progress in the subjects, completed semesters years, marks reports, fees reports, student remarks, absent report and merit certificate.

Benefits of Student Record Management

Cost Savings And Cost Avoidance
A well-conceived and implemented automated student record system can reduce the costs of handling the paperwork associated with record keeping.

When information from a student record is requested, it is usually needed promptly. A principal making placement decisions about a new student needs the previous school's records immediately to assign the student to the appropriate programs and services. A counselor with a student in crisis needs immediate access to records to help intervention specialists effectively deliver their services.

Data quality is basic to a well-designed student record system. 
Maintaining data quality as information is shared, analyze, and reported is a characteristic of a well-designed system.

Getting the Needed Information
The adequacy of a student record system is often judged by how much time and effort are required to find and retrieve information. Therefore, a key part of the design of a student record system is its process for access, retrieval, and reporting.

Moving Data Among Different Education Agencies
Electronic data can also be received more rapidly than paper documents, enabling quicker decision-making about the student. Such a system can also be used to transmit student records to a state education agency that collects individual student records. There is a greater chance that information will be readily available when important decisions must be made about improving educational programs and services. Once the decision is made to upgrade your system, the next step is look at the process needed to design and implement an effective student record .


Student Master
The module facilitates entry of student's basic data including parent details and emergency contacts and the time of admission
Report Card Our reporting system is highly flexible which allows you to completely customize the report card.

Fees Management
This Module is Business optimization of Process of Fees. It includes Different reports of Fee collections that is fees transaction, misc fees, less fees received, bus fees transaction, fees refund entry, fees refund receipt entry and it generate fee book data.

Transport Management
This Module is optimization of all processes related to transportation It will manage A student's joining or leaving of bus is captured in the entry module . A student may opt for change in pickup or drop point, this can be permanent or temporary.

Library Management
This exhaustive Module will be for fully optimization of all Processes related to Library and its Management. Information of students/teachers with Books issued, Book re issued to them, fine, if any will be added.

This module is used to maintain the students and teacher attendance. Screens will be given for Teachers to mark the attendance of their class students in their login area.

Exam management
This module include all the examination unit test I, unit test II, unit test III, 1st term, half yearly and final term etc. It generate the report card, answer sheet and remark report card according to class wise, section wise and subject wise examination.

Exported to Excel
Student master can be exported to excel with choice of selected information.

Student Statistics
Student statistics report is generated to have a snapshot of number of students in each class section.

SMS / Email Module
SMS facility is built into the software. We can relate this to any service provider as per your requirement. The software has been done in such a manner that the message can be sent class wise or classwise section wise, or to even individual group of students.

Time-Table Management
This module will covered the information regarding time table of all classes section wise with theirs time of class and teacher Concerned. This module will also provide the Time- Table Information to teacher wise and /or class wise.

Lesson Plan
To keep a track of progress of each subject in a class we have created an area in the software where a lesson plan can be entered before the start of each session. The plan can be broken down subject wise ,chapter wise and the same can be tracked on a regular basis by making entry of the progress made in each class / section. This will help the teacher / principal / responsible authority to keep a tab on the progress of each subject in each class­-section.

SRM Clients

DPS , Ruby Park, kolkata
Indus Valley World School, kolkata
Asian International School, kolkata
Don Bosco , Park Circus, kolkata
Don Bosco , Bandel, kolkata
Don Bosco , Liluah, kolkata
Queens of Mission, Salt Lake, kolkata
Queens of Mission, Park Circus, kolkata

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