"We have been thoroughly impressed by the solutions available from Astute Visions, so much so that we have engaged them for various types of outsource work within the Australian market.The Astute Visions solution to our challenge was timely, cost-effective and aesthetically compatible with our diverse requirements."
Peter Brophy
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95% of those looking to make it big in the web world leave frustrated either

1. During development phase saying :

"My designer/developer disappeared in the middle of the project"

"Our designer/developer kept having health and family problem"

"The designer/deverloper kept increasing the project cost until we could pay no more"

"We hired a company and they did not understand what we needed and provided us with something we could not use"

2.  Or once development is over saying :

"Is there something called as Online Marketing. We thought it only existed in terms of billboards and commercial advertisements" 

"We have a great website but no one seems to know about it" 

"We have an amazing website but it does not come up on google/yahoo/msn when i search for it" 

"I have a beautifully made website which takes 5 minutes to load" 

At Astute Visions, we start with understanding your requirements.No assumptions are made here and we direct all our efforts to making sure we Understand exactly what you desire.We believe in educating the client by providing them with all possible options and helping them make an educated choice.

Once the requirement is understood we proceed towards the building of the website. During this process, we feel Communication is the key. We keep the client very much involved with regular updates and progress reports.

Hosting suggestions are offered based on the site requirements. We are presently not hosting the websites ourselves.

On successful deployment of the website we proceed to the critical phase of Marketing the website.Every business needs a different approach to marketing and we have a very experienced team of researchers,analysers and advertising agents  who allow us to Guarantee First Page Google Non Sponsored Ranking for keyphrases within a specific time frame. This primarily depends on the competiveness of the keyphrase, the budget considerations  of the client and the relative performance of the industry by large.